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Teknic offers a complete line of technologically advanced solutions globally. Our engineers are mandated to focus their efforts on developing different types of energy efficient electric motors and motion components, moreover we also provide die-casting and CNC precision manufacturing services and wire harness manufacturing services globally.

Teknic products are widely being supplied for residential fans, industrial ventilation facilities, entertainment products, electronics, speed boats, aircraft, medical facilities, laboratory facilities, automotive machines, automobile, and household appliances.

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Automotive Custom Aluminum Die Castings

Die casting is an efficient and economical process that provides a wider range of shapes and components than any other manufacturing technology for the automotive industry and other applications.

Zinc Alloy Die-Casting Parts | Professional OEM Die Casting

The mechanical properties of zinc alloy die castings at room temperature are better than those of gray iron, brass and aluminum sand castings, especially in terms of toughness and impact strength.

Customized Zinc Alloy Die Castings

High pressure zinc alloy die casting is one of the most effective and universal high yield methods for manufacturing solid, accurate and complex metal parts.

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