Automotive Custom Aluminum Die Castings

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Die casting is an efficient and economical process that provides a wider range of shapes and components than any other manufacturing technology for the automotive industry and other applications. Parts have a long service life and can be designed to complement the visual appeal of the surrounding parts. Automotive parts designers can gain many advantages and benefits by specifying aluminum die casting parts.

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Automotive Custom Aluminum Die Castings

High speed production - die casting can produce complex automotive parts with smaller tolerances than many other mass production processes. Almost no machining is required, and thousands of identical automotive die castings can be produced before the mold is repaired.

Dimensional accuracy and stability - die cast automotive parts are durable and dimensionally stable while maintaining tight tolerances. They also have heat resistance.

Strength and weight - thin walled castings of die cast automotive parts are stronger and lighter than those of other casting methods. In addition, because the die casting parts are not composed of individual parts welded or fixed together, the strength of automobile parts after die casting is the strength of alloy, not the strength of connection process.

A variety of finishing technologies - die casting automotive parts can produce smooth or textured surfaces and can be easily electroplated or finished with minimal surface treatment.

✧ Products Description

Mold Material SKD61, H13
Cavity Single or multiple
Mold Life Time 50K times
Product Material 1) ADC10, ADC12, A360, A380, A413, A356, LM20, LM24
2) Zinc alloy 3#, 5#, 8#
Surface Treatment 1) Polish, powder coating, lacquer coating, e-coating, sand blast, shot blast, anodine
2) Polish + zinc plating/chrome plating/pearl chrome plating/nickel plating/copper plating
Size 1) According to customers' drawings
2) According to customers' samples
Drawing Format step, dwg, igs, pdf
Certificates ISO 9001: 2015 & IATF 16949
Payment Term T/T, L/C, Trade Assurance

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