A meet for the old friends

In Nov., our General Manager, Sean,having a memorable travel,in this trip he visit his old friend also his partner, Terry, a senior electrical engineer.

 Sean and Terry’s partnership goes way back, with their first meeting taking place twelve years ago. Time certainly flies, and it’s only fitting that these two have come together again to continue their remarkable work in the realm of motors. Their work aims to enhance the efficiency and reliability of these motors.


(Their first met in 2011,First on the left is our GM Sean,Second on the right,Terry)


 (Taken in Nov.,2023, on the left is our GM Sean,on the right is Terry)


 (They are:our engineer:Juan, Terry’s customer:Kurt,the boss of MET, Terry, our GM Sean) (From left to right)

We understand that the world is changing rapidly, and we must adapt to the shifting landscapes of technology and industry. We aim to provide solutions that empower our partners and enable them to thrive in dynamic markets.

Sean and Terry will work harder to develop new products,more efficient improvements will be made,also better service to customers in these areas.

Post time: Nov-29-2023